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How to use this site

This site contains audio files of the Readings in each chapter of the National English Textbook for each year.

This site is actually two versions of the same site. Your first choice is based on your Internet connection. Based on that, you will then have a selection of audio files based on Year, Chapter and Paragraph for all of the Readings in the National English Textbook.

If you have a slow connection, choose Small Files, and download each file and listen to it. Collect the downloaded files in one folder so you can listen again and again.

If you have a fast connection, choose Large Files, you can download the files individually as well.

With a faster connection from a computer (not a phone), you can download very large files of complete Years of audio. For example, all of the audio files for 10th Year. These are collected together in .zip files. You will need to open the .zip files, which creates an organized list of all the audio files for that year. Once you have that list of files, you can copy those to your phone, to a USB drive, or send to a friend.

All of these files are available under a Creative Commons license. This means you are free to copy and even to change files, but you must tell people (attribute) where you got these files. Use the following: “These files were downloaded from, the Myanmar English organization, sponsored by the National League for Democracy (NLD) English Network (EN).

Any errors are by Kevin Ryan, author of this site. Please contact in English with email at See our facebook page at

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