Myanmar English

Audio Recordings for the Myanmar National English Text

Grade 10

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  • Streaming Speed: Slow (32 kbps)
  • Voice: Ryan
  • Accent: American

Unit 1: The wheel

Unit 2: A brave boy

Unit 3: Evaporation

Unit 4: The circulation of the blood

Unit 5: A fatherless child

Unit 6: How to read short stories

Unit 7: The last leaf

Unit 8: How to improve your study habits

Unit 9: Earthquakes

Unit 10: Traditional medicine

Unit 11: Poems


Speaking 1: Greeting, Leave-taking, and Introducing

Speaking 2: Describing people

Speaking 3: Offering, requesting, thanking, and expressing appreciation

Speaking 4: Inviting and Apologizing

Speaking 5: Asking for and giving information/directions