Myanmar English

Free audio support for National English Textbooks

For Myanmar Instructions ႀကိဳဆိုပါတ

Welcome to, or Myanmar, a site to access materials related to learning English in Myanmar. Our first project is to bring you audio files of the Readings from each chapter in the National English Textbooks.

These audio files are designed to accompany the National English Text for each year. You can download them as files, or stream them to your phone.

This site is designed to be used with a mobile phone. You should also be able to use your computer.

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We hope that these audio files can help you learn English pronunciation. You are free to download as many as you like, and share as much as you like.

If you would like files of complete years of audio for download (as .zip files), select Download Archives. Remember, these are large files, so they will take a long time to download.

These audio files are sponsored by the National League for Democracy English Network. They have been created by Kevin Ryan, a teacher-trainer for the NLD EN.